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Yoga Pants Are Surprisingly Harmful

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Yoga Pants Are Surprisingly Harmful

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How to defuse the methane timebomb in the Arctic? Unleash the mammoths!

When Rebecca Burgess was working in villages across Asia, she saw the impacts of the clothing industry firsthand: waste, pollution, widespread health problems. But in these same communities, from Indonesia to Thailand, Burgess also saw working models of local textile production systems that didn’t harm anyone. She was inspired to build a sustainable clothing system — complete with natural dye farms, renewable energy-powered mills, and compostable clothes — back home in the United States.

The result is Fibershed, a movement to build networks of farmers, ranchers, designers, ecologists, sewers, dyers, and spinners in 54 communities around the world, mostly in North America. They are ex-coal miners growing hemp in Appalachia and workers in California’s first wool mill. In five years, Burgess plans to build complete soil-to-soil fiber systems in north-central California, south-central Colorado, and eastern Kentucky.

People have asked her, “This has already left to go overseas — you’re bringing it back? Are you sure?” She is. Mills provide solid, well-paying jobs for people “who can walk in off the street and be trained in six months,” Burgess says. “This is all about dressing human beings at the end of the day, in the most ethical way that we can, while providing jobs for our home communities and keeping farmers and ranchers on the land.”

Meet all the fixers on this year’s Grist 50.


How to defuse the methane timebomb in the Arctic? Unleash the mammoths!

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3 Easy DIY Repairs for Broken Zippers

You go to pull up the zipper andoh dear. The slider part is attached to only one side; or you think you’ve zipped but then the thing unzips from the bottom. Or even worse, the whole zipper slider slides off entirely. What to do? I have always relied on the fidget-and-force-until-frustration-sets-in method and then tried fixing things with safety pins and generally end up shelving the garment until I am ready to frustrate myself again or take it to the tailors. How shortsighted I have been! I fancy myself as Lady MacGyver, I relish in fixing things, but somehow I have let zippers slide. Or not slide, as the case may be.

But then I met the zipper whisperer. Well actually I didn’t really meet him and as far as I know I’m the only one who has called him the zipper whisperer, but I stumbled into the YouTube channel for zipper manufacturersUCAN Zippersand I’m a changed woman. Said zipper whisperer, Hyrum Mai, is one of the two brothers who run this LA-based zipper emporium and in the video series “Everyone Loves Zippers” he showshow to repair everythingfrom a broken sweater zipper to a malfunctioning cosmetic bag zipper. The following are three of the most common problems (and the ones that this now-zipper-master can tackle).

1. A zipper that doesn’t close correctly

You pull the zipper up, and it splits open from the bottom. Over and over. Embarrassing.

2. A zipper with a slider that has come off

When you zip up and the sliding mechanism and tab zip right on off! This may seem unfixable, but nope.

3. A zipper with the slider on one side

With enough jimmying you might be able to kind of imperfectly repair this, but the faux fix is generally temporary and can lead to a repetitive case of XYZ.

Written by Melissa Breyer. Reposted with permission from TreeHugger.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are solely those of the author and may not reflect those of Care2, Inc., its employees or advertisers.

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3 Easy DIY Repairs for Broken Zippers

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Trump Idiocy Roundup of the Past Six Hours

Mother Jones

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OK, fine, back to Donald Trump. A daily roundup apparently isn’t possible anymore. I guess we need one each for morning, afternoon, and evening. Sigh. Here’s the latest:

Donald Trump announced Monday that he was revoking media credentials from the Washington Post, another sign that he does not tolerate criticism that often comes with presidential campaigns.

Trump has previously banned Politico, BuzzFeed, the Daily Beast, the Des Moines Register and other publications from attending his press events and rallies. But the Post ban is new territory, given the paper’s historic role in covering campaigns and setting the nation’s political agenda.

Hey! Don’t forget about us! Pema Levy has also gotten herself banned from Trump events, which makes me incredibly jealous. Still, I suppose it’s only fair. Pema actually tries to get into Trump events, which is probably a necessary first step to being banned. But I might still have a shot at making one of Trump’s enemies lists, right? I assume he’s got several.

What else? In the kind of plainly unfair reporting that got the Post banned, Max Ehrenfreund wrote an entire article this afternoon about the common Trumpism, “There’s something going on.” Ehrenfreund postsplains: “That phrase, according to political scientists who study conspiracy theories, is characteristic of politicians who seek to exploit the psychology of suspicion and cynicism to win votes.” Roger that.

Then, five hours later, Jenna Johnson followed up with another entire article on the even more common Trumpism: “A lot of people are saying….” That really is probably Trump’s favorite stylistic tic. Note, however, that when he’s referring to himself, it’s always “Everyone says….” As in, “Everyone says I won the debate.” Or “Everyone says the judge has been totally unfair.” Nobody ever asks him to name any of these people who are saying this stuff, of course. I guess that would be rude or something.

Finally, today brings a new study from the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. It’s worth a read, but my favorite part is the chart on the right. It relies on data from Media Tenor, so it hasn’t been cherry picked by the researchers themselves. It shows that (a) only a tiny amount of primary campaign coverage was devoted to issues, (b) of that coverage, Donald Trump’s was 57 percent positive or neutral (!), and (c) Hillary’s was 84 percent negative. That’s issue coverage. Hillary wasn’t just savaged on her tone or her clothing or her poll numbers. She was savaged on the issues, the one place where practically everyone agrees she’s strong and knowledgable. Even if you disagree with her—and that isn’t supposed to affect media coverage—she knows what she’s talking about.

And this wasn’t driven just by Emailgate or Benghazi or whatnot: “Even the non-scandal portion of Clinton’s issue coverage—what she was saying on trade, jobs, foreign policy, and the like—was reported more negatively than positively. Clinton was the only one of the major candidates whose policy platform generated an unfavorable balance of news coverage.

And people wonder why she avoids the press. Maybe if they treated her with the same dignity and respect they reserve for Donald Trump’s deep and profound knowledge of the issues, she’d open up a bit.

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Trump Idiocy Roundup of the Past Six Hours

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Are There Toxic Chemicals Lurking in Your North Face Jacket?

It may come as a surpriseor perhaps not surprising at allthat a variety of toxic chemicals have been used to makeoutdoor gear like jackets, shoes, tents, backpacks, and even sleeping bags.

A new report by Greenpeace Germany has documented that “hazardous and persistent chemicals, dangerous to human health and the environment, have been found in the products of leading outdoor brands.”

Greenpeace tested 40 products purchased in 19 different countries and regions. Among the companies whose products were found to be tainted are The North Face, Patagonia, Mammut, Columbia and Haglofs.

The chemicals found embedded in the fabrics of the products these companies make are calledpoly- and per-fluoronated compounds, or PFCs. PFCs are synthetic chemical compounds that do not exist in nature. They are used by the outdoor gear industry to make products waterproof and dirt-repellent.

As effective as they may be, PFCs have serious human health and environmental impacts. These compounds can cause harm to reproduction, promote the growth of tumors, and affect the hormone system. The National Institute for Environmental Health Science reports that in animal studies PFCs also “reduce immune function; cause adverse effects on multiple organs, including the liver and pancreas; and cause developmental problems in rodent offspring exposed in the womb.”

The Minnesota Department of Health notes that PFCs “are extremely resistant to breakdown in the environment,” so once they are released, they persist for a very long time. They can get into the food chain of animals far from their source. PFCs have been found in animals like dolphins, in polar bear livers, and in human blood. They have also shown up in drinking water and in fish near textile factories in China where much of the clothing and gear is produced.

The gear is not believed to threaten you if you wear it. However, because we all live on one planet, and because once the chemicals are released they circulate all over the world, you could be exposed to themwhether you’ve bought the gear or are basically an innocent bystander. Certainly polar bears never wear Polar-tec, yet the chemicals have shown up in their bodies.

What Can You Do?

1) Ask the manufacturer of your gear whether they use PFC compounds for water proofing and repelling dirt. There’s not really much you can do if you already own the gear, other than return the gear to the manufacturer when you’re finished with it, but that’s better than tossing it in the trash.

2) Buy used gear. Since a big source of PFC pollution comesduring manufacturing, you can reduce the amount of new products manufactured – and new chemicals emitted – by buying gently used equipment and clothing.

3) Likewise, sell your used gear on EBay or Craig’s List, donate it, or take it to a thrift shop rather than throwing it away. Extend its life as long as possible.

4) Buy gear from companies that have pledged zero discharge of hazardous chemicals into the environment. There aren’t many of them, but one to look at is Paramo, which has issued a “Detox Commitment” that hopefully will inspire its competitors.


Big-Brand Clothing Found Laced with Toxic Chemicals
Why You Should Wash Your Clothes Before You Wear Them

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are solely those of the author and may not reflect those of Care2, Inc., its employees or advertisers.

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Are There Toxic Chemicals Lurking in Your North Face Jacket?

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Why You Should Wash Your Clothes Before You Wear Them


Why You Should Wash Your Clothes Before You Wear Them

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How Our Jeans Are Damaging the Rivers Around Us


How Our Jeans Are Damaging the Rivers Around Us

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Recycle Your Old Clothes and More

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Recycle Your Old Clothes and More

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Finding Superior Options For Organic Baby Clothes

Lacking an option for quality organic baby clothes can find you forced to compromise on your future purchases. Dealing with garments that have been poorly constructed, or materials and manufacturing processes that are less desirable can be very disappointing. The right retail options can be found that will be able to satisfy all of your needs with much less effort.

Clothing that has been created in ways and methods that make use of unsafe labor practices, harmful harvesting of natural resources and any other practices that you are concerned with would be a poor investment. Finding a better alternative means that you will not spend your money supporting such manufacturing practices. Smarter shopping can be a vital concern.

Products that have been manufactured using a safer range of more natural materials will alleviate any concern you may have about them being in such close contact to young children and infants. Unsafe and illegal manufacturing of garments can be a real concern for those investing in new clothing. Ensuring that your products have been created safely, and with natural materials can be a real concern.

Options can be quite limited when you choose to do business with mainstream retailers. Even the outlets that carry a wide selection of clothing and garments designed for infants may be unable to provide you with the options you are most interested in. Dealing with a seller who specializes in such concerns will provide you with greater selection and options to make use of.

With the right retail purchases available, clothing and providing for your children may be done in the best ways possible. Having to compromise your shopping habits due to a poor selection of options to make use of could be very unfortunate. Knowing where to find a range of superior options will allow you to make wiser and more effective investments each time you make purchases.

Knowing where to find the best retail options could be key to the entire process. Choosing to do business with the right professionals will allow you to make use of an expanded inventory and the highest quality products available. Cost-effective resources that will provide you with the clothing that you have been searching for will allow you to more easily find the items you seek.

Searching though an online storehouse might be a lot easier than shopping in person. A faster and more effective way to make your purchases can be found, and all without ever having to leave your home. Purchasing natural high quality clothing and garments online provides you with the easiest means to provide for your children, ensuring that your shopping efforts will meet with success.

Dealers who can offer superior options for organic baby clothes are where you should concentrate your efforts. Shopping for the right garments can be done more quickly and successfully by those who have access to the right retailers. A better way to meet all of your needs would be well worth investigating, as such efforts may allow you greater opportunity to make the most beneficial of purchases in your efforts to assemble a wardrobe for your child.

Polly Browder is a full-time mother and part-time nanny. For more information about the advantages of organic baby clothing, visit www.organicbabywearhouse.com.

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10 Reasons to Wear Yoga Clothing Made From Organic Bamboo

Organic yoga clothing comes from a wide variety of natural materials. Of all the eco-friendly fabrics out there, bamboo has some truly unique benefits. It’s good for the planet as it’s growing, and it’s good for people who wear clothing derived from the plant’s fibers. Here are the top ten reasons why your yoga pants should be made from bamboo.

1. Bamboo is highly sustainable. Only about a third of the bamboo culms growing in a forest are harvested in any particular year. The younger ones are left to grow for another year or two, thus providing energy for new shoots to emerge.

2. Bamboo is completely organic. It grows well without using any chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This keeps the soil and water free from pollutants.

3. Bamboo removes large amounts greenhouse gases from the air. If you tested equal areas of bamboo forest and hardwood forest, you’d find that the bamboo forest is able to produce 35% more oxygen.

4. Bamboo prevents erosion. When other textile crops are harvested, the land is stripped of nutrients and soil is lost to wind and water erosion. But a bamboo forest is all connected by one root system. This helps bind the soil in place while holding in moisture.

5. Bamboo doesn’t need any irrigation. Natural rainfall is all the water it needs. Compare this to cotton, which is an extremely thirsty crop. Did you know that almost 3% of the total water used by humans goes towards irrigating cotton fields?

6. Bamboo yoga clothing extremely soft and smooth. The reason is because the bamboo fibers possess a naturally rounded surface. You can even observe this by looking at bamboo under a microscope. This smoothness makes bamboo clothing very soft like silk. Even people with skin allergies can wear it.

7. Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture and is highly absorbent. When you sweat, bamboo will help you feel drier by taking up the excess moisture. This is one of the best reasons to wear organic bamboo yoga clothes.

8. Bamboo is breathable and good for regulating temperature. When it’s hot out, you will feel cooler. And when it’s chilly, you can wear a layer of bamboo for insulation.

9. Bamboo clothing blocks up to 98% of UV rays. This lessens your odds of developing cancer.

10. Bamboo has antibacterial properties. If you’ve used bamboo towels, you may have noticed that they smell cleaner for longer time and can be washed less often. This helps water conservation.

These were just a few of many good reasons why bamboo is the best organic yoga clothing you can wear. As more yogis become aware of environmental issues, bamboo is sure to become an even more important source for eco-friendly yoga clothing.

If you’re interested in organic yoga pants and want to learn more, check out this website.

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